Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I tried it! Now I like it!

My child never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I marvel at the vision of seeing him on little adventures in our back yard with our two boxers. Sometimes, it's because of the way he looks at me with those darling grey-blue eyes and tells me he loves me. Sometimes it is the way he can switch from angel to devil in less than 30 seconds.

This morning was one of the most easy going, pleasant mornings than I've grown accustomed to. In fact, I've been blessed with a "morning person" kind of child. This would be wonderful except for the fact that I feel I'm more of a "wake when I'm good and ready" kind of Mom. Needless to say, I rarely EVER get to "wake when I'm ready." *Sigh*

I digress. Today started beautifully. He stumbled, half awake, into my room around 6 am, asking me if he could lay with me. Then, quite sweetly, requested that I turn on " 'Magination Movers." I turned it on. He began his usually sing-along and rowdy bouncing on the bed while I tried desperately to catch a few more pointless moments of sleep. Minutes later he asked for some breakfast. I got up out of bed and just as I made it into the kitchen he was on my heels. "I WANNA PICK OUT MY BREAKFAST!" He screams. This can be difficult.

Generally a soon-to-be 3 year old's breakfast suggestions consist of such nutrient-rich foods as candy, popsicles, popcorn, candy, marshmallows, donuts, candy... Did I mention candy? It's always a battle. He shouldn't even know we have any candy in the house because we hide any traces of it. However, since Halloween '10, with his first real taste of this nectar from the God's, he tries, oh how he tries, to get it at just about every meal. Meltdown ensues...

I've gotten to the point of just casually stepping over him. Getting him either cereal, waffles, fruit, blueberry pancakes, etc. that are easy breakfast goods in our home. I then pour him some milk, set it all on the table and move on. Once he's done with his "end of the world" tantrum he usually gives in and nibbles at his breakfast.

This morning was different. This morning when he exclaimed that he MUST choose his breakfast he chose pecans! Yes! Pecans! In the raw, frozen in bags in our freezer coming straight from Grandma's house to our home. YUM! So, I gladly poured some pecans in a bowl and got him his milk and walked away. Meltdown averted?! VICTORY IS MINE.

Or, was a I wrong? "Momma, Momma! You poured me MILK! No!" I turned around to see a little pouch of crystal light lemonade in his fist and his sippy cup in another. Ehh? "Momma, I wanted 'memonade'. You got me milk!" I apologized and told him that if he drank his milk I could get him some lemonade before we left for school.

"NO!!!!! I WANTED MEMONADE MILKKKKKK!" I choked backed the urge to gag. "Umm, no son. Lemonade Milk would not be any good. That would be yucky." He was determined. I could see the charm in his eyes fade and the evil twin (He's a gemini) begin the reveal itself.

Sometimes it's worth the battle. Sometimes, it's not. For me, this was a moment that just was not worth it. So, I opened the cup and held it for him while he torn the crystal light packet open with gusto. He promptly dumped it in with one toss and a giant smile appeared on his face. He was PSYCHED! It was the best idea he had ever had in his nearly 3 years on this planet. Much better than the time he drew all over his bedroom wall. Much better than the time he used his toy screwdriver to take a cable cover off of the wall, destroying it and ruining yet another wall! Even much better than the time he decided to pick up the dog...ehem...droppings from the yard with his bare hands to play golf with.

Dylan had created LEMONADE MILK! I tightened the lid, wondering to myself if I will be able to get him to the sink fast enough for the eminent vomit that would come after his first sip of this. He grabbed it quickly from my hand and chugged it like a college student in a beer pong contest (or so I've heard, as I've never played a game like that...).

He pulled the cup away and looked at me in my disgust and smiled widely! "I tried it and I liked it! I tried it and now I like it! It's YUMMY!" he said as he jumped up and down.
Oh yeah, that is right. Kids have weird taste buds. They don't know what's good. Fine, child. Chug your concoction.

I turned away to get ready for my day ahead, quite proud of my skill at averting the meltdown this morning. I wondered how I could apply this to other aspects in our mother-son relationship. When he tells me that I am no fair can I remind him of his lemonade milk in hopes that he'll remember that I am the fairest mommy in the land? Will he start wanting lemonade milk every morning and never have another melt down? Is this the remedy for all of Mommy-Kind??!

Then, I felt a tug at my shirt. "Mommy, can you get me water?" "Yes, baby. I'll get you water."